Pull Request Checks to Next Level with Deploys

In the previous blog post I wrote about pull request builds to help keeping the master branch clean. This time I wrote about one level higher check that can be used in Azure DevOps: pull request deploys. We deploy to a temporary site from the pull request and run some integration/UI tests against it. If it doesn't pass, merge can't be done.

Build Already in Pull Request and Builds Won’t Fail

Usually we have builds against the master branch. It is good but now and then builds fail and we have to fix the code. Better way would be to find errors before that. Pull request builds help with that. That way the build pipeline will be one of the "reviewer" in the pull request and doesn't pass the pull request if the build fails. In this blog post I will demontstrate how this can be done in Azure DevOps with Azure Repos.

The Evil of Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is an evil that reduces our effectiveness. It is true for developers but also for teams. In this blog post, I demonstrate this with the newsletter mailing simulation. It visualizes why multi-tasking takes more time than doing one task at a time. Stop starting, start finishing, and beat the evil of multi-tasking.

Test Automation Pyramid

Unit tests are a powerful and crucial part of programming. But it isn't enough if we want to know better if our code works. Complementing unit tests with service-level/integration and UI/end-to-end tests will make us know that our code really works. The test automation pyramid tells what is the good ratio between different tests.