Favorite Books

I read constantly books related to software development and self-improvement. It all began in 2014 when I read Clean Code. Something changed in my mind and since that, I have wanted to learn more and more. I will write also book reviews to this blog about interesting books I’ve read. In the table below are my favorite books. Books that have influenced me a lot. Books that have changed the way I think and work. Books that have made me a better software developer. I recommend them to every software developer.

Book Authors Topic
The Pragmatic Programmer Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas Tells how to be a better developer.
Working Effectively with Legacy Code Michael C. Feathers Tells how to write tests to code which doesn’t have tests.
Lean from the Trenches Henrik Kniberg Book about agile from a real-life example in Swedish police.
Clean Code Robert C. Martin Tells how to write readable code; better code.
The Art of Unit Testing Roy Osherove Tells how to write good unit tests.

You can find the entire list of books I’ve read from Goodreads.com.