Why I Started a Blog?

For few years I thought that it would be nice to have a blog. But I thought that I don’t have nothing to say public or time to blog. So I didn’t take any severe actions for next steps.

I read John Sonmez’s Soft Skills book last autumn. In the book, he says: “every software developer who cares about their career should invest in creating a blog”. I started to think about it again and here I am writing my first personal blog post.

Every software developer who cares about their career should invest in creating a blog. John Sonmez in Soft Skills book.

The main reason for me to start a blog is to improve myself. When you write and explain things you learn them better. I think writing a blog is like teaching: when you teach you have to think more deeply about things and express yourself clearly. Even if I am not teaching to anyone here, writing a blog post is somehow like teaching.

One of the greatest ways to learn—perhaps the only way to learn anything deeply—is to teach. John Sonmez in Soft Skills book.

What I would like to write?

I won’t have one subject that I will write. But mostly I will write about things I have learned or what I think can be valuable to others. I have already gathered some list of subjects. Let’s see how many of them I will actually write about.

My main programming language is C#. Thus many things I will write here are about C#. I am planning to write about my favorite NuGets and other C# related tools.

I like to read books about software development and self-improvement. My plan is to write book reviews of some books I’ve read. That way I will also learn the book better when I will go through it again when writing a book review here. Maybe someone will get an advice when choosing a book to read next.

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